Monthly Mug Roundup

Favorite Mugs of the Month

This months theme for the mug roundup is boho gypsy. Bringing you my top selections for the Bohemian lover and Gypsy soul in your life. See below for direct links to my favorite products.

1. Soft colors and florals meet a classic skull for this boho classic. 

2. Antlers paired with soft flowers make a great gift for the wifey in your life.

3. A classic quote that never gets old. Perfect for the wanderer in your life.

4. Another great skull with some added flare for a more monochromatic look.

5. You can't have Bohemian without this classic pattern.  

6. What is Boho Gypsy love without succulents? Nothing. It's nothing.

7. Can't touch this... dahh nah nah... na na. How cute is this little guy..!?

8. We know how precious elephants are. Why not celebrate them on our mugs too.

9. A cute background pattern paired with watercolor arrows. Perfect.

10. We are all free spirits, right? Antlers and cute flowers definitley say so.

The Easiest Pallet DIY of your life

Granted, I know there are so many great ideas out there now a days with all the DIY pallet posts... But if ever I could pick the easiest one... It would be this one, I pretty much created out of indecisive laziness. 


First, I was going to do string art on my pallet, then I was going to paint a quote. The painted quote then turned into a painted anchor in the corner, small and easy, which then turned into "maybe I should just buy a fake anchor from Hobby Lobby and nail it to the thing."  

Finally, I saw "Relax" in one of the aisles at Hobby Lobby and was done. Absolutely the biggest piece of cake. 

I thought I was going to sand and stain too... But nope. I like the weathered look it took my backyard a year and a half to achieve ;)  



Top 5 Holiday DIY Pinecone Crafts

Although I usually like to try all my own crafts, these were too cute not to share.


A tip that I have seen many post about....

• Bake the pinecones in the oven at 200 degrees for 30 minutes to get rid of any bugs that could be hiding.  -If you are gathering these from the woods, you'll know how important this is. For store bought ones, not so much!

Coffee Table DIY Makeover

Fabulous Darling!

By far.... my biggest DIY / Makeover project I have ever done. Andddd.... it only took me 4 months... ha just kidding... It really only took 4 days (drying times and running out of daylight included).

This project required some man power... and I don't mean multiple people... I just mean... a man in general. The sander I used to get the orange-like finish off the wood tired me out very quickly. Luckily my awesome boyfriend stepped in and got the whole thing sanded down in about a half hour.  Lucky me :)

The white/orange look totally worked for my last living room... but this time, with selling the final piece in mind... I decided it needed to be more unique and interesting. This is where the fancy knobs and the custom painted top came into play.

Materials: Coffee table, sander, paint, stain, rags, brushes, clear poly coats, and a big strong man.

Step 1. I took all the hardware, and drawers off the table and got them ready for sanding.

Step 2. Let the sanding begin! While my little helper was doing the big piece, I used some hand pieces to do some of the details on the drawers.

Step 3. I then tested my stain on the drawers to see if I liked it. I went really dark to get the look I wanted. The lighter drawer is before the stain.

Step 4. After sanding the entire table, and deciding on a stain... I gave the top a really light, rough sanding by hand... deciding to leave it as is. I left it white so that I would have a 'blank canvas' to paint on. (White was better than the black and brown layers that were below it.)

Step 5. Stain the rest of the table. Follow the instructions on the back of your can of stain. I didn't let mine soak in too long, so I could have some lighter-darker variations.

Step 6. After the stain has dried... I used a clear wood wax to finish the coat. It gives a slight shine, and a smooth finish to the wood to take away the rough, freshly sanded feeling.

Step 7. Paint the top. I went with an abstract design that wasn't too complicated for the eyes. I used basic acrylic paint in the neutral/teal colors I wanted to do. After the top had dried, I added 2 coats of a clear paint sealer. (Advise: coasters should still be used even though the paint has been sealed)

Step 8. Put the hardware back on the drawers. I got my handle pulls from World Market for $3.99 a piece. They had a few different colors and designs. Take pictures, and DONE!

I'm happy with the results of the table... but not so happy with the selling results. I only have the piece listed on Craigslist, but have only had a few bites. If you are interested in buying this piece, go to my contact page and drop me a line! :)

DIY Wine Cork Christmas Trees

Another wonderful idea found on Pinterest, that I wanted to take my own stab at.

I added a couple of my own touches, which you are more than welcome to do (different ornaments, colored lights etc.)

You will need:

  • 1 or 2 foam cones - 1 cone is much easier to work with (I got mine from Michaels for about $4)
  • Wine Corks
  • Tree topper (I used a cardboard star ... about $4 from Michaels as well)
  • Ornaments
  • 5ft strand of lights
  • Hot glue gun

1. Start by wrapping the lights around the foam cones in the arrangement you want them. I started at the bottom, left some slack to plug into the wall... and wrapped from the bottom up to the top.  (MAKE SURE your lights work before you glue them on the tree!)

2. Glue the star (or another topper) to the cone.

3. Once the lights and topper are glued into place... begin your cork arrangement. There's really no wrong way to do this... just as long as you leave some lights poking through, and cover the rest of the foam. I chose to go with a staggered, random pattern rather than something symmetrical.

4. Once you have finished with the corks... step back, and see if you've missed any holes or spots that look bare. You can fill them in with corks or with ornaments. I filled mine in with some mini bulbs and berries.

5. Bam! Less than 5 steps for this easy and cute DIY...? Just perfect :)



Fall Wreath DIY

What's more fall inspiring, than a new wreath for your front door...? The smell of pumpkins...? Okay... maybe.  


What you need:

Felt Flowers

Some pearl accents

A twiggy wreath

Burlap and a hot glue gun, and TA-DA!  

I first started with pieces of felt, in the colors I was looking for. (Sheets of felt are $0.33 a piece at Michaels. You can get about 3 medium sized flowers out of one sheet)

The easiest way for me to cut them was in rounded plus signs. Cut the first one to be the overall size of the flower you want. Then, make as many layers as you would like, getting a little smaller each time you cut a plus sign out of the felt. (I did about 3-4 with some small, half piece toppers) 

Then... space the cut outs on top of eachother so the ends are alternating (So the flower looks full) and use the hot glue gun to glue each piece together, one by one.
I finished the flowers off with a small pearl accent. (Pearl Beads from Michaels are $4.99 for 100 of them) 

Arrange the flowers how and where you would like them on the wreath, and hot glue them to it.
Take burlap and wrap it where you would like it, securing the ends with the hot glue.
(I used the roll of burlap Michaels sells, so you don't have to cut it yourself, it gets messy) After wrapping a section of the wreath (wrapped a sprained wrist) take a long section of burlap and wrap it around to tie a bow. (This can be difficult, but can be manipulated and secured with hot glue as well.

I used the pearls as an accent on the bow as well... but that's optional. It looked just as good without them.  

Coastal Wine Cork Decor

Wanting to give someone something special, that came from your hard work, but don't want it to look like a kindergarten student did it...? 
Sometimes... less is more.

This is the case. Simplicity is key when working with home decor, and especially coastal/beachy home decor.

What you'll need:  

  • Some sort of backdrop / frame. (I went to the 'As Is' section at my local Ikea and took one of the spare doors to a cabinet.... $3) 
  • Your choice of sea shells... I chose a starfish.
  • Some twine rope
  • Wine corks
  • Sand (either store bought or from the beach... either works)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Wood glue and paint brush

I would start with the rope framing first. Choose your size, shape, where you want to put it... etc. before gluing it down. My backing had a perfect indent, allowing for an easy square border.
Start at a beginning point and work your way out... gluing small sections at a time, so the hot glue doesn't dry before you get the twine down.

Second, you can either do the sand, or the corks. I found the corks stuck better straight to the backing frame. Up to you.  

Arrange your corks first, before gluing.... in the pattern you would like to use. I used a standard 2x2 brick like, laying pattern. Once you have them laid out the way you like... hot glue one at a time, picking up in place, and gluing back to your design. This will ensure it stays exactly where you placed it.  

The sand was the most time consuming part for me. Using the wood glue... I would paint a small section of glue where I wanted the sand to be. Sprinkling sand on the section of glue... and pressing the sand into the glue with my fingers.
I'm a bit of a perfectionist... so even after the whole section was covered in sand... I would turn the frame up on it's side, and knock it a couple times to see if any sand would move around. Then I would follow with a second coat. Repeat this until you are happy with the results.

Last but not least... place your beach decor. Small amounts of hot glue are probably needed, depending on how heavy the shells/starfish are. I didn't want to damage the starfish too much, or want anyone to see the glue, so I used a small amount. 

She sells sea shells by the seashore
— Unknown

Abstract Original Piece For Sale

Double Canvas, one of a kind, original artwork for sale.

Asking $150 for the two of them. (They go better as a set)

Serious Inquires only... email with questions and/or concerns.  



Chevron Under The Sea Baby Shower

For my first baby shower... I came out feeling accomplished, proud, and not totally broke.  

Design is obviously my strong point, so the invites and look were easy. Craftiness is next on my list of skills, coming in a close second... which is where saving some money on decor and favors helped. Cooking... not very high up on my skill set... so having an afternoon (after lunch, before dinner) shower, was a smart move on my part. Dips, veggies and drinks are a no brain-er for any party thrower.

The mommy-to-be chose a lime green, turquoise and blue color scheme for her nursery. She also had some cute whale graphics blown up and framed in the baby's room, so that is where I pulled the inspiration for the invites from.

Who doesn't want to have their cake and eat it too...? Just kidding. But seriously... how about 3 cakes? I had some help, and a friend offered to do the diaper cake. I knew, as a hostess, a Nothing Bundt Cake was the best/easiest option for me. Now... a beer cake for Dad...? Why not. Everyone deserves some cake!  

Cake for Mommy. Cake for Daddy. Cake for Baby. 

I had a lot of trouble with the favors. Luckily, with some extra research, and some help from my Aunt... I was able to come up with a money saving idea that I thought everyone would love. Who doesn't love mason jars, and nail polish, but together...? Genius! 

Backyard decor was a piece of cake. Lanterns, candles and fans. Easy! Party City had some great deals on the fans, tissue poms and lanterns. World Market is another one of my favorite sources for good lanterns with lights already installed.   

What about a sailboat that's been sitting in your backyard? Use it to pile presents in, of course! :) Duh. 

I think Mommy-To-Be was happy and surprised by my backyard makeover - turned baby shower I threw for her. Hopefully all the guests had a great time, and wonderful memories will be taken from the day. :) 

Be the Change

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"   -Mahatma Gandhi


"Be the Change" says Gandhi. Are your little wheels spinning inside your head yet?  

Wondering... "How can little o'l me change the world?" Think... selfish. Yes... selfish. Think about your world, and the world you live in. Clearly all of us are not living in every different type of world there is out there... but we all live within our own.  

So if you make the step towards the change you wish to see, soon... your world will change into that of which you want to see.  

Make sense?  ...  Yeah, I don't get it either. ; )

Happy Friday!