O Canada... Eh?

Did you know...  British Columbia is the 3rd largest film and television production center in North America (after New York and Los Angeles).     - Probably because nothing comes close to the beauty that B.C. holds.

Did you know...  in 2011 The Economist ranked Vancouver for the third time in a row as the “World’s Most Liveable City.”      - While although I have never lived there... the many visits give me reason to support this statement. What a truly amazing city.  

Did you know.... Whistler / Blackcomb is the only NA Ski Area in the world where you can ski on a glacier.   - Not to mention, it's the greatest place on earth.  


In April of this year, a trip to Whistler was in order. Flying into Seattle... renting a car and driving over the border into the picturesque British Columbia never disappointed. The scenery is like nothing you can imagine.  

A very highly recommended trip, if you ever get the opportunity. Ski on a real glacier. Zipline through the gorgeous wilderness. Meet the most amazing people, and eat the best food. How can you say no?

row as the “World’s Most Liveable City.” - See more at: http://studyinbc.com/your-life-in-bc/things-i-need-to-know/#sthash.e0UanPkQ.dpuf