Fall Wreath DIY

What's more fall inspiring, than a new wreath for your front door...? The smell of pumpkins...? Okay... maybe.  


What you need:

Felt Flowers

Some pearl accents

A twiggy wreath

Burlap and a hot glue gun, and TA-DA!  

I first started with pieces of felt, in the colors I was looking for. (Sheets of felt are $0.33 a piece at Michaels. You can get about 3 medium sized flowers out of one sheet)

The easiest way for me to cut them was in rounded plus signs. Cut the first one to be the overall size of the flower you want. Then, make as many layers as you would like, getting a little smaller each time you cut a plus sign out of the felt. (I did about 3-4 with some small, half piece toppers) 

Then... space the cut outs on top of eachother so the ends are alternating (So the flower looks full) and use the hot glue gun to glue each piece together, one by one.
I finished the flowers off with a small pearl accent. (Pearl Beads from Michaels are $4.99 for 100 of them) 

Arrange the flowers how and where you would like them on the wreath, and hot glue them to it.
Take burlap and wrap it where you would like it, securing the ends with the hot glue.
(I used the roll of burlap Michaels sells, so you don't have to cut it yourself, it gets messy) After wrapping a section of the wreath (wrapped a sprained wrist) take a long section of burlap and wrap it around to tie a bow. (This can be difficult, but can be manipulated and secured with hot glue as well.

I used the pearls as an accent on the bow as well... but that's optional. It looked just as good without them.