Coffee Table DIY Makeover

Fabulous Darling!

By far.... my biggest DIY / Makeover project I have ever done. Andddd.... it only took me 4 months... ha just kidding... It really only took 4 days (drying times and running out of daylight included).

This project required some man power... and I don't mean multiple people... I just mean... a man in general. The sander I used to get the orange-like finish off the wood tired me out very quickly. Luckily my awesome boyfriend stepped in and got the whole thing sanded down in about a half hour.  Lucky me :)

The white/orange look totally worked for my last living room... but this time, with selling the final piece in mind... I decided it needed to be more unique and interesting. This is where the fancy knobs and the custom painted top came into play.

Materials: Coffee table, sander, paint, stain, rags, brushes, clear poly coats, and a big strong man.

Step 1. I took all the hardware, and drawers off the table and got them ready for sanding.

Step 2. Let the sanding begin! While my little helper was doing the big piece, I used some hand pieces to do some of the details on the drawers.

Step 3. I then tested my stain on the drawers to see if I liked it. I went really dark to get the look I wanted. The lighter drawer is before the stain.

Step 4. After sanding the entire table, and deciding on a stain... I gave the top a really light, rough sanding by hand... deciding to leave it as is. I left it white so that I would have a 'blank canvas' to paint on. (White was better than the black and brown layers that were below it.)

Step 5. Stain the rest of the table. Follow the instructions on the back of your can of stain. I didn't let mine soak in too long, so I could have some lighter-darker variations.

Step 6. After the stain has dried... I used a clear wood wax to finish the coat. It gives a slight shine, and a smooth finish to the wood to take away the rough, freshly sanded feeling.

Step 7. Paint the top. I went with an abstract design that wasn't too complicated for the eyes. I used basic acrylic paint in the neutral/teal colors I wanted to do. After the top had dried, I added 2 coats of a clear paint sealer. (Advise: coasters should still be used even though the paint has been sealed)

Step 8. Put the hardware back on the drawers. I got my handle pulls from World Market for $3.99 a piece. They had a few different colors and designs. Take pictures, and DONE!

I'm happy with the results of the table... but not so happy with the selling results. I only have the piece listed on Craigslist, but have only had a few bites. If you are interested in buying this piece, go to my contact page and drop me a line! :)