O Canada... Eh?

Did you know...  British Columbia is the 3rd largest film and television production center in North America (after New York and Los Angeles).     - Probably because nothing comes close to the beauty that B.C. holds.

Did you know...  in 2011 The Economist ranked Vancouver for the third time in a row as the “World’s Most Liveable City.”      - While although I have never lived there... the many visits give me reason to support this statement. What a truly amazing city.  

Did you know.... Whistler / Blackcomb is the only NA Ski Area in the world where you can ski on a glacier.   - Not to mention, it's the greatest place on earth.  


In April of this year, a trip to Whistler was in order. Flying into Seattle... renting a car and driving over the border into the picturesque British Columbia never disappointed. The scenery is like nothing you can imagine.  

A very highly recommended trip, if you ever get the opportunity. Ski on a real glacier. Zipline through the gorgeous wilderness. Meet the most amazing people, and eat the best food. How can you say no?

row as the “World’s Most Liveable City.” - See more at: http://studyinbc.com/your-life-in-bc/things-i-need-to-know/#sthash.e0UanPkQ.dpuf

Painting without painting

A one-of-a-kind custom piece of artwork, for less than twenty bucks...? Yes please!

Wait... better yet... all of the above, and DIY? Most definitely! (Not to mention it only took about 5-10 mins of work)

The Ikea red line clearance section is the perfect place to find a scrap pile where you can get shelves, pieces of wood, doors etc. for cheap. I happen to find two glossy gray shelves that were the perfect size for the small living room I had in mind.

Michaels has cheap acrylic paints for sixty-nine cents a bottle. (On sale right now... 3 for $1) Since this is going in the boyfriends place... he picked out the colors to match his new living room. (I'm also giving him credit for finding the goods in Ikea)

Ever thought... "I'm not creative, I don't know how people do all these DIY things?" Well, obviously I have never thought that way (have you seen my website..??). Creativity is all I know... but I have also heard more people than most tell me... "I wish I could be creative."

Well here's where I'll tell you, that you can. You can see by the pictures that there was no actual brushes involved,  just an open mind, a little bit of fun, and WaaaLaaa!  (Ask the boyfriend... he had a great time, and all he wants to do is paint now!)

Once they're dry, and able to be hung up, I'll post a photo of the finished product. I couldn't tell you how easy, cheap and fun this project was.

  • Two shelves from Ikea turned into canvas... $6 each.
  • Paint from Michaels, on sale with a coupon... $5
  • An afternoon painting in the backyard with your man... priceless.

Wine a little bit....

It'll make you feel better.

Ever been to wine country? Well, maybe not the "official" wine country.... but probably a close second. Or third.

I had never been before recently either. I wasn't sure if I would feel out of place or at home... or neither. Ya know when you have those thoughts like... "Am I classy enough for this place?" No...? Never have those thoughts? Maybe it was just me.

Well don't worry (in case you were)... all was well, I fit in just fine, and I never broke one wine glass! :)

Thank you Zaca Mesa... Rusack... and Curtis... for entertaining me with my first wine experience. Zaytoon was duly notable... if you are ever in Santa Barbara anyone... Zaytoon was probably one of the coolest places to spend a Saturday night and feel classy.... (While smoking hookah :) - Don't worry Mom.... I didn't smoke... just everyone around us.

Oh... Happy Birthday Erin... :) To many many more bottles of wine.

Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.
— Paulo Coelho
I cook with wine; sometimes I even add it to the food.
— W. C. Fields
Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.
— Pope John XXIII

Amen Pope John XXIII .... Amen.