Personal Branding

Professional Portfolio


My career at soberlink began almost 6 years ago, and has included everything from business cards, to print graphics and tradeshow supplies, to video editing and photo shoot post-processing. I've created fillable documents and countless presentations. Website graphics and social media campaigns. 

Please ask for a complete portfolio of any professional work.

example of a website banner design that was created and then repurposed into a full marketing campaign.

logo and business cards

Academic Portfolio


Below  is the portfolio I put together for my final project as a Graphic Design student in college. I guess you could call it.... my "thesis" paper... that most college students have to complete upon graduation. 

Logo Types....
logo; noun \ˈlō-(ˌ)gō also ˈlä-\
: a symbol that is used to identify a company and that appears on its products.



Corporate Identities...
Identity; noun \ī-ˈden-tə-tē, ə-, -ˈde-nə-\
: the qualities, beliefs, etc., that make a particular person or group different from others


Package; noun \ˈpa-kij\
: a wrapper or container that cover or holds something